Pharo Catalog

Hey there! This is a catalog of registered Pharo projects (currently 483).
The list is not exaustive but it shows some of the most important community projects around.
If you have a project you'd like to share, please see a note to developers.
Pharo 8developmentBPMN
A4BP (Assessment for Business Process). See more here:
Pharo 5actorsconcurrency
Actalk is a testbed for modeling, classifying and experimenting with object-oriented concurrent programming languages.
Pharo 4DatabasePersistence
Aggregate is a small persistance framework with a clean API that uses OmniBase as backend.
Pharo 5ffialienbridgeobjectivecobjc
AlienObjectiveC is a bridge between to communicate with MacOS using ObjectiveC. !!! Example: [[[ alert := #NSAlert inObjectiveC alloc init. alert setMessageText: 'Pharo' asNSString. alert setInformativeText: 'Hello, OSX!' asNSString. alert runModal. ]]]
Pharo 5DevelopmentSystemBrowserMorphTreeMorphMessageBrowserScopedBrowsingSmartSuggestionsgitIDE
AltBrowser: a tree-based system browser for Pharo with smart suggestions, refactoring integration including environment filtering, and git integration. With a minimalistic GUI so as to be able to put more of them on a screen, and a single GUI to have less to learn to use. It ...
Pharo 5specwidget
When using data entry applications, we often have to select one entity out of a large list. Spec provides the entryCompletion option for text fields for that. That works well for small lists When the number of different entities grows large however, or when we want to be able ...
Pharo 6animationtimefun
Adds a delay operator turning any message send into a smooth transition.
Pharo 5securityencryptiondecryptionshacheckpointauthorizationauthenticationrbacaclnacl
ApplicationSecurity provides a domain-independent Security Model.
Pharo 7mathnumberfloat
ArbitraryPrecisionFloat package creates a new floating point Number with arbitrary precision. See for more information.
Pharo 5wekaarffdataminingdatawarehousing
Framework to generate Weka's [1] ARFF [2] formatted string from Pharo. Links: [1] Weka website: [2] ARFF format spec:
Pharo 6PDFlayoutdocument
Artefact is a library to generate PDF documents. It provides a document model and support the generation of PDF
Pharo 8pharodistributiongoodiescustom
Several Pharo goodies like Pomodoro, DesktopManager, QuickAccess, HubCap, ScriptManager, ... written by Torsten Bergmann ( bundled for easy installation
Pharo 6AtlasatlaspythonsocketsIPCpharo
A Python bridge (IPC - stream sockets) for Pharo, allowing Pharo to use Python libraries , mix with Python code and vice versa
Pharo 5BDDMockTDD
BabyPhexample is a mashup of the two coolest (IMHO) BDD frameworks in Smalltalk, Phexample and BabyMock. !!!Phexample *Phexample>!/~Phexample/Phexample/*'s key insight is that *examples expand on one another>
Pharo 7collectionsetcharacterunicode
BitmapCharacterSet is a set for characters that uses a bitmap for storing wide characters and an array of truth values for byte characters. Used by XMLParser.