How to add your project to this list

If you want to add your project to the list, please be sure you have a correct metacello configuration (a ConfigurationOfYourProject), and add following methods to class side:

Method name Description
catalogDescription A small paragraph describing your project (it accepts pillar syntax)
catalogContactInfo Contact information such as email, mailing lists and website.
catalogKeywords An array of keys to better index your project

Also, please be sure to define a correct stable version and if needed a development version.

Finally, copy your configuration into one of the public repositories (list is refreshed each 24h)


ConfigurationOfYourProject class>>catalogDescription
	^ '
	! YourProject 
	I do something blah, blah, blah... 
	Project main page: **'			

ConfigurationOfYourProject class>>catalogContactInfo
	^ '[email protected]'

ConfigurationOfYourProject class>>catalogKeywords
	^ #(html fun)

Available repositories

You can upload in the repositories listed below (please, make sure you upload in the correct one!)