Tag #api

Pharo 6bugzillarestapi
Pharo wrapper for Bugzilla REST API
Pharo 6discordchatclientapiwebhookwebrest
DiscordSt is a library for Discord service, see https://discordapp.com for basic information about Discord and https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/intro for developer information. The stable version supports Discord Webhooks. See https://github.com/JurajKubelka/DiscordS...
Pharo 6databasedriversapi
Garage is the relational database driver for Pharo. Garage provides a common API to connect with several database servers in a coherent way (JDBC like). Along with Garage, we provide implementations of several database drivers.
Pharo 6gitgithubapi
A GitHub API Wrapper for Pharo to easily access informations from GitHub right from your Pharo image.
Pharo 5languagenlpapi
Language Detection API is a service to query the language of a given input text. You will need to register an API key in the web site http://detectlanguage.com to use the service. This client enables to use the service from Pharo Smalltalk. The output is an object containing t...
Pharo 8windowsnativeapiwin32
API wrappers and tools for the Windows operating system
Pharo 4MooseSonarRESTclientapiimporterjson
Sonar is a Moose importer of Metrics and projects available on a Sonar instance.
Pharo 8gitgithubapi
Tealight is a project defining a few extensions to the Teapot framework to make the (tea) time you spend with the Pharo Teapot system even easier..